Seasons, What Seasons?

Has anybody got any idea what has happened to the seasons? I mean I know that Spring starts on either the 1st March or the 20th depending on whether you are following the Meteorological start of spring or the Astronomical start (I shall have to lie down after using such long words!) but has anybody told the plants?


I think of Spring as being the time of awakening after the long winter nights and cold frosty days. A time when snow drops bring those first drifts of colour followed by Crocuses and Daffodils (The argument of when is a Daffodil a Narcissus or when is a Narcissus not a Daffodil or when is a Daffodil not a Daffodil keeps the committee awake this time of the year. Personally if it carries on I am going to start them all ‘Bob’ as in, look at that lovely bunch of Bobs!)


So can anyone tell me why outside one house in the village there were fully flowering Daffodils (Bobs) in December! Does this mean that the seasons are out? Could this result in changes of when we do things in the garden or allotment? Instead of planting seed potatoes on St Patrick’s Day will we be digging up our first early crops by then? Am I asking too many questions? Am I panicking over nothing? Probably, yes but the seasons do seem to have shifted or possibly they have changed a little over the past few years.

We can sometimes see this in what is entered into our shows especially the early ones like the Spring and Summer shows with things being ready too early for the shows or like the roses in last year’s Summer show which while being lovely were reduced in numbers because of ‘a bad season’. I guess whichever way you look at it, we gardeners just have to get on and do the best we can with whatever season we get at least no one can say that it’s boring!


The first show of 2015 is of course the Spring Show on Saturday the 4th of April where you will able to catch up with friends in the village hall, enter your Bobs and enjoy a piece of Jo’s homemade cakes.  Don’t forget to take a note of the date. Information and programs will be available either from our website or in the usual places.