What Lovely Melons! 


There are times in your life when words that leave your lips in all innocence don’t sound quite as they should do to the ears when they arrive. So while standing in a friend’s greenhouse (Kaz) admiring the successful growth of this year’s crops, I suddenly blurted out what would have better fitted in a Carry On film, “oooh what lovely melons!”  It didn’t take much time for the little grey cells to realise what the mouth had just said and metaphorically run down the spine and hide in the legs! Thankfully, Kaz has a very good sense of humour!


But things are finally growing well and I have started to see a reassuring increase in the size of my crops and the abundance that always comes this time of year. I have some lovely big onions (oh-er missus) and more courgettes than you can shake a stick at. This year’s big surprise, so far, is a weak little courgette plant that has not only thrived in the hot weather but become the biggest single courgette plant that we have ever grown with not just a hand full of fruits on it but a basket full!!


Beans are here, garlics are filling out and even my potatoes are coming up a really good size.  My pumpkins, however, are very very slow and I fear that I may not have the success we had with them last year. Ok so I didn’t win the BIGGEST pumpkin in last year’s annual show but I had the best looking one! (sometimes I fear that I may be getting just a little bit ‘ODD’ about pumpkins!). This aside, things are looking good down at the allotment and we should be eating our own crops well into the winter months!


For those who have read the odd piece I put in the trident, you might have noticed that last year Jo and I had a bit of a problem with our carrots.  I think I mentioned it once or twice but the good news is that this year WE HAVE CARROTS! They have not been eaten by slugs or snails, the nasty carrot fly has kept away and with fair weather and a barrier of herbs (carrot fly can’t smell the carrots for the herbs) we have success!

With the annual show fast approaching, Sunday the 8th of September, I can’t help but look at the things we have grown and wonder which ones would look good in the village hall and I also wonder how other people’s gardens and allotments are getting on. So I wonder if anybody reading this has something special that I would be able to see, have a nosey so to speak and so if you have and you don’t mind me taking a look then please let me know at Eynsford_gc@yahoo.co.uk and I would love to come and have a chat. Happy growing and hope to see you on Sunday the 8th at this year’s annual show!