The Show of the Year!

(The Annual Show)


What a year it’s been with the Queens Diamond Jubilee, the amazing Olympics and the unbelievable Paralympics  - the latter being so close to our villages you could really feel the buzz!


The Annual Show was a great success, and one I’d thought I’d share with you from a slightly different perspective this time, so it’s over to my wife with her view of the day from the Village Hall kitchen – Jo, over to you…


Well, in the midst of serving countless cups of tea and slices of chocolate fudge cake and Victoria sandwich it was fabulous to see over a hundred people supporting the event by exhibiting, visiting, buying at auction and generally enjoying (and of course eating cake and drinking tea!).  I was told later by Mary, our show secretary, that we had nearly a hundred people, young and old, entering a total of 407 exhibits to the show (there were 124 entries in the vegetable section alone!). Locals were obviously in a friendly but competitive mood with the ‘longest runner bean’, ‘heaviest marrow’ and ‘largest pumpkin’ all proving to be popular classes. I was concerned at one point about the strength of the trestle table supporting Tim Caswall’s marvellous pumpkin (it won the class by the way!!).  Children’s exhibits showed wonderful effort and imagination and there were a total of 60 entries laid out for our judges to see.  And while we’re on statistics, I managed to tempt villagers into eating over 150 slices of cake and I lost count with the teas!!


The three judges really enjoyed their day and were very impressed at both the amount of entries and the high standard of the classes.  They all had tea and cake too  (I was half expecting a comment card and a first,  second or third place for my chocolate fudge cake!)


Whilst drying up and putting away the last few tea cups as the committee cleared the hall at the end of such a busy day I thought  great it was to see lots of  new faces as people exhibited for the first time.  Some, nervously placing their first solitary entry, waiting for the judges appraisal and the, at the end of the day leaving confident and inspired, with lots of ideas for exhibits for next year.  


It really was a fun day and wouldn’t have been possible without such amazing support from all who visited and entered.  Thank you to you all.  


Now Jason, where’s my cup of tea?? …



Jason (and Jo)