Annual Show’s Big Big Addition! 


For the first time in 100 years and to great fanfares and general shrieks of joy and excitement, this year’s Eynsford Gardeners Club’s Annual show will include the BIGGEST PUMPKIN COMPETITION!!!  


Oh ok, so we didn’t have a fanfare and maybe joy and excitement is a slight exaggeration, but we are having a giant Pumpkin competition for the first time, so some of what I have written is true! 

Over the past few years we have noticed more and more people entering bigger and bigger Pumpkins into the annual show which is fantastic. However, under show rules we have been looking for the prettiest, smoothest, roundest and best coloured Pumpkin but not the biggest. So we have decided that this year we will introduce the biggest Pumpkin section for all those who love to grow them ‘large’ while at the same time keeping the section for those to like to grow them ‘pretty’.


This year’s Annual show is on Saturday 10 September in the Eynsford Village hall with the doors opening at 9am for those who want to enter the competition. So depending on how successful you are don’t forget to bring your own Wheelbarrow, Block and Tackle, Forklift truck or Crane to lift yours into the hall!!