Eynsford Gardeners' Club Potato Competition

If you would like to take part in our potato competition send an email to eynsford_gc@yahoo.co.uk to request your seed potato

  • Only one entry per member

  • A seed potato must be obtained from the organisers and grown from this seed

  • Crop may be grown in a compost and container of the member’s choice but the container must not exceed 400mm or 16 inches in diameter

  • The container, with compost and crop must be presented to the judges for weighing on Saturday 4th September 2021, Eynsford Station Car Park  from 9.00 to 11.00

  • The crop will be hand cleaned and weighed by the judges

  • The winner will be the member with the heaviest weight of crop


Hints and Tips

  • When choosing a container remember that it has to be transported by you for the weighing!

  • Peat composts are light but not ‘environmentally friendly’, soil is heavy

  • When planting allow room for ‘earthing up’

  • Keep moist but not wet at all times, especially at flowering time

Happy Growing!