Gardening: The Ongoing Battle 

Of Optimism Over Reality!

How are your courgettes coming along, or your carrots?  What about your onion (after a little therapy I can say ‘onions’ without breaking into a cold sweat!).  (If you don’t know what that means then you didn’t read the last trident and if you didn’t then I only have one thing to say, EELWORMS!). I only ask because all growers, whether it be flowers of veg, always hope that this year will be better than last year or that this year they will get their first aubergine or melon or that hollyhock that has done nothing for the past few years will this year be fantastic. Then sometimes after tending them, caring for them, feeding them religiously and in a few case talking or even threatening them (You know who you are, Jo) they do flower or do grow and everything is then right in the world. I can honestly say that I have never been so proud or happy as when I dug up my first allotment grown spuds 7 years ago. I was so happy I took a picture of them and even sent it to friends and family who must have thought that I had finally lost the plot but I WAS SO HAPPY!!! As to my best ever Pumpkin, well I could go on for pages about that!


However, people who grow vegetables at the allotment or people who love their gardens, tending them to make the best display they can, people like me that is, love what we do and are proud of what we achieve. And … despite the ongoing battle with the slimy enemies of flying nasty’s every year we are full of optimism that this year will be the best!


I don’t know about you but this year is really flying by and here we are already in July with only two months to the annual show, which is on Sunday 7th September. Already Jo and I have had a few things off the allotment, potatoes, peas, broad beans, cucumbers, salad things and by the end of the week we should have our first courgette (You know how you can’t wait for the first courgette of the summer but by the end you can’t wait for the plant to STOP growing them!!) Weeding is an ongoing job in both the garden and allotment but now that the flowers are blooming and the veg is rolling in fresh and tasty it all seems worthwhile.


Enjoy the sun, don’t forget to put the 7th of September on the calendar and happy growing!