An Ode To A Sprout 


These wonderful little fellows, green, firm and round, 

Only come out at Christmas the rest of the year they can’t be found,

It is said that not everyone likes them?

But that I just do not understand?

They can be boiled or steamed with chestnuts,

or fried with bacon in lard.

These versatile little fellows can win over everybody’s heart,

but please don’t eat too many!

This information I have to impart,

if you over indulge at Christmas,

they will certainly make you….



I am sorry about this but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t think of the last line… (but I am sure you will be able to fill in the blanks for yourself, so to speak.)


Hands up who likes Christmas! (If you now have your hand up, please put it down). I love Christmas; the friends, the carols and even the films, hands up if you have watched the Wizard of Oz at least 10 times (again, if you have you hand up, please put it down and stop taking me so literally) there is something comfortable about this time of year, something that takes me back to my childhood. Maybe it’s the food, the crackers or just that I have been asking for a new Scalextric for years!! (subtle hint Jo).


It’s been a good growing season for some things while others have struggled (green tomatoes, need I say more?) but overall it’s been very enjoyable down at the allotment and in the garden and with this year’s Garden Safari and the success of the shows, it’s certainly been a very full year.

Thank you for your support over the year and I look forward to next year!


Merry Christmas from me and rest of the Committee and happy growing in 2016!