What Happened to the Summer?


Does anybody know what has happened to the summer and if they do, how do we get it to come to us? I am the first to admit we have been very lucky not to have been washed away, flooded or struck by lightning like other parts of the UK, but come on, so far it’s been dreadful and so grey it reminds me of when I lived in the north!


There have been some up sides about the amount of rain we have had, the potatoes are doing well and cabbages has taken off (not literally) but other things appear to be suffering; carrots appear not to be growing no matter how many seeds I sow and my pumpkins flower, turn into little round pumpkins and then drop off. It’s very frustrating. 


However, I have been told that for many growers, flowers have been easy to look after this year as they have been spending much less time watering and while the winds haven’t been great for the blooms, many flowers have bloomed much earlier and longer than in previous years. Lawns too seem to have enjoyed the damp weather with some in the village looking amazingly green and lush and so I guess we cannot be too down with the less than glorious summer which appears to be taking with one hand but giving with the other.


It’s almost time to start planning what you are going to enter into the Annual show which will be in Eynsford Village Hall on the 8th of September. I’m guessing that for those who normally shy away from giving it a go, this year is a prime time to enter because the weather means that everybody stands as good a chance as anybody in every flower and veg section. Programs will be out soon and will be available in Normans the Butchers, Rafferty’s, St Martin’s Church , The Five Bells and The Malt Shovel.