Living on an Island


It crossed my mind that I must remind everyone that the next and some would say the main show, the Annual Show, is Saturday the 8th of September. 

This is your chance to try your hand and enter a wide variety of categories, from cooking to pottery, painting to jam making and it is fun to see just how your carrots comparing to others (I’ve had a very bad year so far with carrots buts that another story!) or who's got the biggest pumpkin (it most certainly will NOT be ours!). So if you have entered before then we hope to see you again and if you have not entered before, go on give it a go!


As I write this Jo and I are away on holiday sitting on our private island relaxing. Ok so the island has only recently arrived as the surrounding field that out tent is on has sunk under water and it may be damp and a little bit squidgy but you have to be thankful for small mercies when camping in this country and so we can only hope that this water and sun is doing our allotment good and that with help from a few friends all will have grown nicely by the time we get back. 


So don’t forget to pick up a program and see you in Eynsford village hall on the 8th!