The Interesting World of Jekyll

(Or, how your garden would have looked without her!)


Friday evening’s AGM has been and gone and it was a good night with food, good company and a very interesting talk on the garden designer, writer, artist and all round good egg, Gertrude Jekyll. Without her many of the things you see in famous gardens or indeed your own would not look like they do now. Achieving as much as she did and in a time when women didn’t get as many chances as now was an astonishing achievement and looking at some of the stunning pictures during the talk really showed how she helped to create what we now know as the quintessential cottage garden.


The AGM went by in a flash with all but Molly re-standing; a big thank you went out to Molly for everything she has done for us over the years. John Gee held proceedings together for the standing down, falling out or whatever it’s called and then the re-election all of which was quick and smooth (thanks John I know how hard it was to tear you away from your wine!!). A few important announcements were made, Mary standing and being elected as our new membership secretary (if you have not paid your membership for 2014/15 she will find you!) the launch of our new website ( and that in 2015 we are planning to bring back the fantastic Eynsford Garden Safari! (information on this to follow). John Bulford had a clean sweep of awards winning best overall points for 2013/2014 and winning the most points for flowers for the same period, a stunning performance!


The website is now up and running so please have a look and tell us what you think. There is a place on the site for other groups to have articles about what they are getting up to and what they have planned so come on BKV, in your Neighbourhood people or any other allotmenteers or gardeners we are waiting to hear from you. The more people who visit the site and use it the more contents we will have and the more useful it will become.


It’s been wet down the allotment so very little has been done although Jo has cleared the garden and mulched with loads of well-rotted manure and a good covering of our own chicken manure and hemp shavings, I just hope that there are no hemp seeds or we will be growing some quite different plants next year in the garden!


2015 already looks like a busy year so keep an eye out for dates of the shows and other events also if you would like to open your garden next year as part of the Safari let Mary know by emailing us at or contact us through our website


Happy gardening!