Forking Weather!

Now is the time of year to dig out your fork and spade from the tool shed and remove last year’s soil and rust ready for turning over your veg patch (you really ought to clean your tools before you put them away).

Haven’t quite decided what to grow this year but will probably the usual courgettes, runner beans and the dreaded Jerusalem Artichokes. We have Globe Artichokes but they are in the flower bed as the silver foliage and stunning purple flowers make a great display. The runner beans I shall grow up an obelisk as it takes up less space.

I have already planted my tomato seeds in trays in the back bedroom. I have decided that this year I shall concentrate on the Tumbling Toms planted in wall pots on the back fence (South facing) rather than full size plants in the greenhouse. The tumblers seem to produce just as much fruit per plant and don’t need so much looking after.

I know that we shouldn’t start casting our clouts yet but I shall remove the fleece from the lemon tree and hope that the sunlight will aid its recovery. It seems to have shed more than a few leaves over this winter. The problem is it has grown too large to bring inside although it is in a wheeled pot so I can move it right back into the shelter of the back of the house.

I am having another go at turning the front lawn slope into a wild meadow. It dries out so quickly the grass doesn’t grow very well and it’s so steep it’s a pain to mow. I did sprinkle half a packet of meadow flower seeds last autumn with the intention of doing the other half this spring; only trouble is I can’t find the packet with the remaining half! I know I put it somewhere safe. I should have put it in the seed box with all the leftover seeds I don’t really need.


As you have probably gathered the Spring show has had to be cancelled but we are still running the Hyacinth competition although this will be judged from photos. This year there will be a prize for the best hyacinth.  Can you email your photo to by 6th April. Photos will appear on the Eynsford Gardeners’ Club Facebook page and the website.

By now your hyacinth pot should be indoors. Keep it well watered. You will have to judge how to get the bulb to flower at the right time. Give it more heat and sun to push the bloom on, or cool conditions to hold it back [even put it outside again]. For example if the leaves develop faster than the flower bud, move to a cooler place and cover again to keep them in dark for a day or two, but no longer as the leaves may begin to turn pale. Stake the bloom with a single cane and a tie if the bloom gets too tall. Don’t delay staking. Cover compost with moss or gravel to give a better presentation then take your photo.


We will also be running our famous potato competition this year so email us if you would like a potato to grow in the competition.  And is anybody interested in an online talk by a gardening expert? If so, can you let us know by email.


Happy hoeing!


David Ketley