Flying Cars and Onions


Well, its 2013, and for some reason this year seams to make me feel older! When I was at primary school we believed by the year 2000 we would all be off to the moon for holidays, living off food tablets and travelling to work in flying cars. By 2013 this should all have been normal and let’s face it, 13 years after 2000 we would have been  able to buy second hand flying cars by now! Well none of these have really become the norm yet and as one who likes real food, is scared of heights and drives a Land Rover (what would be the point of a four wheel drive car that can fly anywhere?) I’m not that sorry. 


Having said all that, at this moment in time I could really do with a flying something to allow me to get across parts of the allotment which are so wet they appear to be trying to go back to the primeval ooze they came from. Let’s face it 2013 has so far just been WET! We finished off 2012 with much the same way but the AGM and quiz went well and was a real bright end to a good year for EGC. 


So what to do now? Onions can still go in, garlics and some broad beans and peas but there will be a risk of rotting as the ground is so wet. Planting into pots seems the best option and then at least they can be moved outside once the ground a dried out. Let’s hope it does or we will be looking to the food tablets for our next meal!!!

Happy New Year!!