Flaming June!


Flaming June they used to call it. Now I’m sitting here in my winter fleece with the outside temperature showing 12 degrees and the heating has come on. Even the cats are having a duvet day – much to the relief of the fieldmice, voles and shrews resident in the field at the back of us.


Most of my tumbling tomatoes, runner bean and other plants are still in the greenhouse and at this rate they’ll probably stay there all summer. The courgettes have been planted out though. This year I thought I would avoid the usual glut and sowed one batch a month before the other. Trouble is that now both sets are the same size as each other!


The lawn became heavily infested with moss over winter and in Spring I treated it with moss kill which did its job and the moss turned brown and died. However, I don’t seem to be able to get rid of the brown patches despite removing three big bags full of dead moss with the scarifier. Hopefully, if we get some sunshine and a decent amount of rain things will improve.


Most of the baby birds that nested in the garden have now fledged so I shall think about cutting the hedges. It always amazes me how the beech hedges can change from brown to green almost overnight.


The new garden furniture has arrived although we haven’t had much chance to use it. It’s amazing how much storage space the cushions take up; had to rearrange the log store to fit it in.


In anticipation of summer actually arriving we have pressure washed all the patios and treated them with a fungicide to remove the black spot to which the sandstone is susceptible. Pressure washing does not remove the black spot which is some form of lichen so needs special treatment.


I hope your garden is doing better than mine!


Happy hoeing!

David ketley