England 0    EGC 1 


Laughter would be the best word to describe the Eynsford Gardeners Club Rose Show held on the 18 June. That and mirth, smile, merriment and guffaw as Mr Parkin introduced us to the entertaining and at times damn right odd world of yesterday’s papers. Adverts from liver pills to almost magical concoctions that seamed to cure all ills, including some for those ladies who suffer from ‘fits of the vapours’, were shown to us and skilfully explained with great comedic timing and insight. 


The Village Hall was full of people who had shunned the England v Algeria World Cup game to come and enjoy the roses. As it turned out we had the better deal as unlike the scent and beauty of the roses, England failed to impress! 

Early vegetable crops were also on display together with rock cakes, cheese scones and pictures of your favourite spot in the garden.  But above all, the roses shone and with colour, flare and glorious scent (none of which England football team could claim to have) really stole the show!


There is much to do before the next and biggest Gardeners Club event, the Annual Produce Show, which will be in the village hall on the 11th of September. There are vegetables to water, weeds to kill and sunflowers to tend   ( remember if you are entering the sunflower competition you have to call the number on the front of the seed packet on Saturday 4th before noon or contact us before hand at our email address, eynsford_gc@yahoo.co.uk


It was sad news to discover that due to building work the school car boot sale is not being held this year. As many of you will know this was traditionally the time when those who had entered the Potato competition came to have them weighed. But have no fear, our Chairman and Pak Choi leader, Mr Gee (sorry, little in-joke) is looking to arrange a time and place where we can all meet and have the 2010 great potato weigh-in. Keep checking the Trident and look out for posters for information.


Have a good season and enjoy the weather!