The Dreaded Bindweed! 


If, like Jo and I, your garden or allotment is affected by bindweed you will know just how hard it is to get rid of the stuff. Not only does it throw roots down well into the subsoil it spreads like wildfire and every little piece of root you don’t dig out will result in a new plant. It is quite simply one of the nastiest, invasive weeds that I have ever come across. I was therefore excited to read on the front cover of this week’s gardening magazine an advertised article on how to be rid of the stuff. All read well right up to the point where it simply said, ‘use weed killer’  - not, I think you would agree, a giant amount of intelligence needed there! Of course weed killer will work as it kills everything in the garden doesn’t it? Well no it doesn’t because even though we don’t like to use any chemicals on our allotment or garden, in the past we have tried to delicately paint the leaves of this nasty weed with Glyphosate weed killer which does appear to knock it back but then when your back is turned it pops up somewhere else!! I have been told by some much more experienced allotmenteers than me that the only thing you can do is keep digging it up as weed killers only get so far into the root system and so, sadly, short of moving allotments or using some kind of industrial chemical, it looks like digging is going to be our only way to battle this invasive nasty!


On June 14th, we will be holding our Summer Show, in Eynsford Village Hall and with the weather being so mild with both sun and rain we should be looking at a good turnout.  With cream teas on sale, Jo will be busy making homemade scones and jam.  There will be plenty of summer flowers on display.  With the introduction of two Children’s classes we are hoping it will be the best summer show yet. As to this month, well there’s plenty to do in the garden and allotments; hardening off squashes and pumpkins ready to be planted after the frosts have gone,  tending the onions and garlics, removing weeds, feeding and watering, checking roses for greenfly (which are already about) and of course, protecting carrots, parsnips, young sunflowers and other succulent plants that can become a feast for the slimy enemies that are slugs and snails!

Good luck and good growing!


‘Growing Together’