Delphiniums now!

Has anyone else noticed strange things happening this year?  No, I’m not going to talk about the dreaded virus, but things happening in the garden and allotment.  Yesterday I picked a punnet of raspberries and some cherry tomatoes (they were very tasty); and my Delphiniums are still flowering (okay this is being written in December but that’s late for Delphiniums). There are always surprises and joy that comes from our outside spaces; whether it’s our own garden, allotment or our wonderful green spaces that surround us.


With the start of the new calendar year there are plenty of tasks that can be done to prepare for the gardening year.   Here’s some jobs to do inside on a rainy day:

•    sorting your flower and vegetable seeds and ordering any new ones (this year I want to try growing a luffa sponge which grows similar to a climbing courgette and can be used as an ‘eco-friendly’ pan scourer or a bath luffa)

•    we always wash our empty pots to ensure they are free from infection, and also clean our plant labels to be reused  

•    clearing and cleaning a greenhouse is a useful job to do (I use a mild mix of Jeyes fluid with water) and replenishing any soil that is in greenhouse beds 

•    It’s good to take time to give your garden tools a thorough clean, sharpen and repair if required

•    give your indoor plants a boost with some fresh soil and a feed, and check for any damage caused by infection or insects such as vine weevil.

•    this year I started my broad beans off in small pots so they can be transplanted early in Spring.


Eynsford Gardening Club are hoping to run a full show schedule this year.  The first show is the Spring Show on Saturday 20 March 2021.  Dates for the rest of the shows can be found on our website at:

Kaz Langridge