A Host of Golden Daffodils!

The spring show arrived with a wave of gold flowing into the hall and the scent of hyacinths hanging in the air. It turns out that it has been a good year for daffodils and the show reflected this with a great display of large and small flowers in yellows, whites and multi coloured all making the hall glow with their colours. Cake flowed and slices of tea and coffee went down well (or possibly the other way round) and all in all it was a good show with plenty to see, plenty to enjoy and plenty to do. Free potatoes were given out; let’s see who can grow the most this year! And people helped themselves to free sunflower seeds. We are not running the tallest sunflower competition this year as such but I would really be interested in knowing how people who took seeds get on (leave plenty of room; they can grow up to 10 or 12 feet!)

Looking forward, there is loads to do this year, the walk and wine is going ahead on the 25th of April (funny how wine gets everyone interested) we have the Summer Show on the 13th of June, the Garden Safari on the 28th June, potato weigh in on the 22nd August and not forgetting the big one, the Annual show on the 6th September. Hopefully you will have these days on your calendar as I am sure it’s going to be a busy year and I would hate anyone to miss out!

Jobs down the allotment and in the garden include finishing clearing the beds, digging in manure, tying back climbers in the garden, potting on, planting potatoes both in the beds and in the bags for the potato competition, sowing flower seeds and much, much more.

Don’t forget the Summer Show and happy gardening!