Someone keeps adding soil to my allotment each night,

it’s a mystery

- The Plot Thickens!!

I am sorry but I couldn’t resist, please keep reading it does get better…

Anyway, Summer is here (hurray! ) the weather is getting warmer, the sun higher, the birds louder (every morning about 4am) which is lovely (said through gritted teeth)and the garden and allotment are bursting with colour and growth. Robin Williams once said that Spring is nature’s way of saying, LETS PARTY! But I think that for me, Summer is the best time of all. Early Summer is planting, mid-Summer tending and late Summer is reaping the rewards of our hard work!

As I write this I am excitedly waiting for the first courgette to be ready and when you read this I will probably be sick of the sight of them. This year, through a slight error in planning, we have four yellow courgette plants growing down in our allotment when we would normally have one (oops, sorry Jo) so courgette chutney it is then, or courgette chips, courgette soup, soufflé, cake or anything else we can think of making out of them!

Planning your crops so you don’t get a glut can be difficult and with cut and come again crops, like courgettes, it can be hard to keep up with nature. However, this year Jo and I have tried hard to plant seeds successively, one row of seeds one week another row two weeks later and so on,  which will hopefully spread out our veg giving us a longer harvest time and less of a glut. However, four courgette plants could be a bit of a challenge!

During our Spring show we gave away sunflower seeds in small pots of seed compost and I wondered how they are getting on. Ours are getting quite large now and we are hoping to grow a couple of real whoppers. If you did take a few seeds and they are doing well please let us know as it would be interesting to hear how tall yours are (email us in I will put a few pictures up on our website when I can so you can have a look.

So enough rambling from me, lots of work to do, after all I have to figure out a way of winning the largest pumpkin section in the annual show!

Happy growing.